It’s A Social Media Jungle Out There

"So N Love" Oil Pastel. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

“So N Love” Oil Pastel. Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Folks, I finally got a Pinterest account. It was nothing like getting a credit or background check but I tell you folks, seems like that would be easier. I got a Facebook page I don’t halfway use. Luckily, the posts here automatically go there ’cause I’mma tell you the truth. Once I say what I want on this blog, I’ve said all I’m pretty much gonna say all day. Nobody needs to be able to locate where I’m Facebooking or Pinteresting from either. Oh, and don’t forget about my Twitter and Youtube accounts. Not to mention the email accounts. It’s driving me to snack. Now. Ask me if I remember any of the passwords. I get lucky, is all.

I used to have a Stumble On account but I didn’t like it. I can’t remember why. Somebody invited me to Klout and who in their right mind doesn’t want to have klout. Me, that’s who. I mean, it’s all too much. I have a life to live. It’s a social media jungle out there. When I first started with all this networking, I was on them fairly often. Facebook had its uses when I was in Saudi Arabia but now that I’m here, I don’t bother with it.

You know, I feel like I’m trying to keep up with the Joneses or be in some social club I wasn’t built for. And there are constant reminders of doom that if you’re not connected in these savvy ways, you may as well crawl under a rock and put your cave gear on. Well, I’m gonna keep my gear laundered and in the closet in case there’s another looming threat like Y2K.  Don’t laugh, you may just see me on the Yahoo list of  Who’s Trending Now.





Self-Obsessed aka Facebook

Image Manipulation in Photoshop by Totsymae

“Anthony Weiner” Image Manipulation in Photoshop by Totsymae

7:30 am – I cut the grass. And yes, you do care. Like this status and win a ticket to your house.

9:00 am – Took a shower and sat on the sofa in a daze from cutting all that grass.

10:00 am – I’ve decided I really don’t like Facebook. Why do folk plan their days around it anyway?

11:00 am – Juiced a buncha carrots and some other vegetables. Boy, was it nasty…Why is it not okay to grab some leaves off a tree and snack on them with Picante Sauce?

12:30 pm – The summer art project with the homeschoolers is almost a wrap.

3:00 pm – Every time I turn around, I’m hungry. This is really getting on my nerves.

3:30 pm – I could really go for that vanilla ice cream and graham crackers in the kitchen. Been thinking about it for three whole days. Ridiculous…

4:30 pm – My inner chunky girl wants the carbs, not me. I’m like, so above that…Aren’t I?

8:30 pm – I wonder who could clean my studio on the cheap…I’m retiring Facebook, btw.

10:00 pm – I just love that broccoli soup from Publix…Okay, no more talk about food.

11:30 pm – Okay, I’m hungry again and I don’t think tree leaves and Picante Sauce are gonna cut it…If I was sleep, I wouldn’t even know I was hungry.

12:00 am – I have a cure for everything but how to shut up.

No, these were not real statuses on Facebook or anywhere. Dear Readers, do you obsess with social media? Can you go one week without it?