10 Frequently Asked Questions You Need to Address Before Getting a Press Release Service

Getting a press release distribution service is one way you can spread the word about your company, products or services, aside from the traditional pitching to the press release distribution. If you haven’t tried it before, you surely have a lot of questions about getting the service.

A successful distribution through a newswire service needs to be planned carefully. Here are 10  frequently asked questions and answers that can help startups and other businesses before continuing their content marketing campaign:

  1. What exactly is an online press release service?

It is a channel that helps individuals and businesses distribute their content in the sites, media publications and the social media sphere. Clients receive a report that indicates where it was published, and analytic reports to assist with their marketing campaigns.

  1. Which geographic market should I target?

When getting the newswire press release distribution partners service, you need to choose which locations will be your target market. Pick the closest city or cities to your business of operation. You may also want to concentrate on the market where your industry is focused on.

If you are a food business in New York, you may want to concentrate on the geographic markets of Miami and Los Angeles. Pick big cities as your target locations if you have second thoughts. You may also opt for the national level.

  1. What type of industry will receive my press release?

A newswire company will distribute your release to their network of reporters and publications that they have connections with. They send it to those working in your niche or industry to ensure that it falls into the right place and publish it. Your food business will be sent to journalists and publications covering food stories.

  1. Do I have to write my own press release or not?

It depends on your choice and the distribution company that you’re planning to work with. If you think that you need help in crafting your story, there are a number of newswire services that offer writing as well as distributing of releases. If you have written your own release, you may want to pick a company that will be in charge of the distribution.

  1. When can I expect my release to be sent out?

Different companies have different turnaround time for publishing your content. Some offer a next day while others provide a two-day turnaround time. Check with your target company to know how long before your content can get published.

  1. What evidence can I get to know if my content was distributed?

Most newswire companies provide a PDF report after your releases was syndicated in various sites and outlets. It is also usual that they offer an analytics report that show you how your content is performing.

  1. Can I add any brand asset in my release?

Yes. Most onlinebusiness distribution platforms accept brand assets that include images, video, stats, logo or infographics that may be included in the release. It makes the content more interactive and interesting.

If you are writing a release about an event, you may include a photo of your most recent event. If you are crafting a story about your new product, include a photo of your new product. Adding images or video are reasons why the readers will pay attention more to your story.

  1. Can the distribution site help my site with backlinks?

Distributing releases is not the answer to your backlink issues.  However, there are several ways where they may assist you with backlinks.

Newswire, for instance, allows up to 6 hyperlinks in a release. Other companies require their clients to provide URL and anchor texts to use in their content.

Give journalists and news sites reason to cover your story by writing a compelling, relevant and newsworthy content. If they found your release useful, they will link back to you, which can help your search engine ranking.

  1. Is there a way that I can improve my online visibility?

A newsworthy and well-written content are the best ways to improve your online visibility. Other factors that help boost up your visibility stats include: the right placement of keywords and links, the day of distributing your release, the package you choose, and inclusion of image, video and logo. Don’t forget that with a regular distribution, your visibility has greater chance to improve than just getting a single distribution of your content.

  1. Is there a guarantee that a journalist or a publication will use my story?

No press release service guarantees that you will get coverage from a reporter or a media publication. One thing about distribution channels is that they are just channels for distributing your releases to the media. Always write a compelling and newsworthy content to improve the odds of getting publicity.

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you maximize your distribution efforts. Still, the best way to gain visibility, SEO ranking and publicity is by writing and distributing your content using the best practices.